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Tragedy or Boon?

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! It‘s happening… MacHeist, MacUpdate Promo… who’s next?

Today’s release of the $14.99 Twitter client, Tweetie for the Mac, accompanied by a chorus of kvetching by the Twitterati about the price, spotlights the 800-pound gorilla in the Mac shareware space. The threat independent developers don’t want to acknowledge? Mac shareware prices are heading south. Two weeks ago MacHeist3 came to a close. It [...]

Matt Gallagher’s Xcode scripts are surprisingly useful (if you’re not a fan of Xcode’s All-In-One window option). I don’t run multiple monitors, so I incorporated Craig Hockenberry’s simple bounds-grabbing snippet (via John Gruber/Daring Fireball), rather than hard-coding the screen size.


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KeyBindingsEditor is a GUI-based editor for OS X key bindings. It allows for easy editing and supports single-action bindings (one action per keystroke), multi-action bindings (multiple actions for a keystroke) and Emacs meta binding-style multi-keystroke bindings. KeyBindingsEditor, a nice donationware utility written several years ago for OS X 10.4, seems to work fine in 10.5 [...]

Want monospaced fonts in Mailplane on your Mac? Try using this as a custom stylesheet, selectable via the Preferences: .qIKyDc, .mMl8gd, .rSfjbb, .iE5Yyc, div.msg div.mb, div.ArwC7c, div.ckChnd textarea, textarea.tb, td.ct { font-family: Monaco, monospace !important; font-size: 12px !important; } Gathered from various net sources (such as this), and from poking around in existing stylesheets (such [...]

Is the return of Steve Jobs the only thing that has shifted the competitive landscape in favor of Apple? No. If Steve Jobs were Microsoft's only problem, the company would be fine. Steve Jobs is actually less important to the second coming of Apple's Mac business than the decline of the Windows hegemony. – Microsoft’s [...]

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